Ways for Men and Women to Style White T-shirt

A Basic white T-shirt can go a long way, no matter the season of the year or your personal style. From a casual setting to something a bit more formal, you can mix and match this staple piece to compliment any event. Whether you prefer ripped jeans or a double-breasted suit, here are the most stylish ways to rock a white T-Shirt this season.

 The whites are something that you can find in everyone’s closet. You can never go wrong with a nice white t-shirt. From men to women to kids this staple is always intact. White T-Shirt is one thing that is considered unisex. But, what we forget in all this is the printed t-shirt for men and women in white.

While we enjoy our time with plain whites, we do tend to forget about the printed ones. There are actually a lot of ways in which one can pair even the printed white t-shirts. There are various ways and looks one can style them with. 

Here are few tips and tricks to style them:

  1. For people who love t-shirts with write ups be it men or women, you can always pair it with a nice pair of dark blue rugged jeans, Bermudas and even Chinos For women you can wear them not only with jeans but with skirts, loose pants and culottes. They go perfectly with them.



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  1. A fan of graphic prints on t-shirts? Then, look no further as Marca Disati has just the t-shirt for you. For all men who love such t-shirts should actually try wearing the print on a white t-shirt. Pair it with a nice pair of black jeans or grays.


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  1. A nice all over printed t-shirt with various prints on it is the best way to let out the vibes of white t-shirt. A good white t-shirt with prints all over is the best way to look chic and trendy at the same time. Pair it with nice shorts or rugged shorts and a pair of chunky sneakers. Voila! You are good to go. Add this beauty to your cart: All-Over Printed T-Shirt



  1. If you don’t want much on your white t-shirt but want to change the look? Try out t-shirts with little details on them like a stroke of different color over a color or pocket. Pair it with chinos, jeans, trousers, coat, literally anything. It is a very versatile piece for men. Similarly for women it is a go to type of white t-shirt that has stripes and polka dots, Pair it with anything even your trousers o boyfriend-jeans and you are all set to go. For a casual look at flats, sneakers will do while for formals, add heels or pumps.



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There you have some tips and tricks on how to wear your white t-shirt. Keep Shopping and Slaying in the White T-shirt!